Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photos: Zenica citizens protest Arcelor-Mittal

photos: Almir Alic

Citizens of Zenica protest Mittal pollution

Citizens of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, are protesting for the third week against ArcelorMittal's failure to fit pollution filters at the city's steel plants. The air quality is very bad, and concentrations of PM 10 and  SO2 have repeatedly exceeded 'alert' levels. In addition to these  harmful pollutants Zenica citizens are most concerned about  carcinogenic pollutant benzene and volatile organic compounds in the  air, which have not been measured for more than a year. The last measurements of benzene showed very high hourly values.

The local authorities and environment protection agencies have not  officially commented on the current air quality situation and do  little to prevent it and protect the health of citizens of Zenica. The  local authorities have not responded to the protestors, and the  protestors remain committed to their goal of ensuring a livable environment in Zenica.

- Tarik Mujacic, Global Action on Arcelor-Mittal

 Photos: Dado Ruvic