Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ArcelorMittal under fire as activists demand clean-up

200 people marched to protest Mittal Steel pollution in Vanderbijlpark.
CAPETOWN, South Africa -- "A coalition of activists targeted ArcelorMittal at its annual general meeting in Luxembourg yesterday, to mark the start of a campaign that aims to mould the world's biggest steel maker into a more responsible global corporate citizen. The coalition's strategy appears to be one of embarrassing ArcelorMittal's senior international management to the extent that it will take a hand in improving local conditions across nine countries. Two South African representatives were among those present to highlight ArcelorMittal South Africa's poor environmental legacy at its Vanderbijlpark facility," Ingi Salgado, Business Report & Independent.

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  1. These protests are really working and I strongly support these protests as this is the right of the people. osha training online also teaches the workers to maintain not only workplace safety but also they are responsible to maintain environmental safety.