Monday, August 2, 2010

ArcelorMittal fined EUR 6000 for water pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BOSNIA -- "The Federal Inspectorate has fined ArcelorMittal 13 300 KM [around EUR 6000] for yet another pollution incident in the River Bosna in Bosnia-Herzegovina, just a day after the company reportedly denied that it was the cause of the most recent incident.

Laboratory analysis of samples taken during the pollution incident in the Zenica area has confirmed that the substances involved originated from ArcelorMittal Zenica's slag landfill.

Very high pH values, electrical conductivity of TDS (total dissolved solids) and suspended particles were registered, and the confirmed values of the tested quality parameters are characteristic for waste waters from a tailings basin with slag, according to the analysis.

The results of the published chemical analysis show that wastewater from the slag landfill caused the pollution incident on 15th and 16th August at Banlozi.

The Agency for the Sava River Basin recommends that the Inspectorate bans the discharge of such wastewater into waterways, or that pretreatment is carried out before its release. The Inspectorate is planning to meet with ArcelorMittal next week to discuss wastewater treatment.

Pippa Gallop, Research Co-ordinator, Central and Eastern Europe Bankwatch Network

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Arcelor Mittal: Penal za ekoloŇ°ki incident 13.300 KM

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  1. This is really good, that is why safety training courses are required to training workers so they can keep the workplace and the environment safe.