Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ArcelorMittal faces critics

AKRON -- "Liz Ilg, an activist at Ohio Citizen Action, said the steelmaker has refused to respond to concerns flagged by local people near the Cleveland plant it bought in 2005 - including letters from more than 526 doctors and nurses detailing health problems linked to air pollution. She says the plant manager last met with campaigners in 2005 but the company had since decided to 'cut that dialogue off and address it only with public relations and no longer with decision makers.' ... 'The EPA doesn't even expect the company to test in every part of the facility,' she said. 'They (ArcelorMittal) plug in their production numbers and voila, they're in compliance every year. So they look really good on paper but in reality they have no idea how much they are polluting,'" Aoife White, Akron Beacon Journal.

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  1. ArcelorMittal have to face critics dur the protests that took place on violating the environmental safety.OSHA safety training is very critical and employers should take it seriously.